Feeling Glee-ful

During my first round of radioactive iodine, I made my way through the entire box set of Sex and the City DVDs. Six seasons, commentaries and extras included. I saw plenty of episodes they never show on TBS and watched all of my favorites, including “Change of a Dress,” (which also inspired my wedding earrings) — multiple times. (Did I mention that I was cooped up in a 9×10 room for a week? In February?) A month earlier, when I lucked into a hospital room with a DVD player and pull-out couch for B, we scared off the nurses by watching the first season of The Wire.

We’re not sure yet whether more radiation is in my future, but either way, I’m intending to take a good chunk of time off of work to concentrate on getting back to full health. I’m looking forward to using the time to spend more time with B, take long walks with Clar, maybe even pick up a yoga habit. (I bought the yoga pants…that’s gotta be a good first step, right?)

The only thing that might be standing in between me and whatever you yoga types call those poses: Glee. I hadn’t bought in when friends at work raved about it, when they bought the soundtracks on iTunes, when they reminded me that the last five episodes are available on Hulu.

That lasted until I saw a clip of the Vogue video. And then I was sold. The last three episodes served very nicely as mind candy while I waited for the biopsy results, and I’m thinking the first season’s DVDs might make a nice surgery survival set. Some singing and dancing will probably be better for my mental state and physical recovery than Stringer, the Barksdales and the Baltimore drug war.

Any other good TV to recommend? I’ll watch it after yoga, of course.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Glee-ful

  1. Ugly Betty, start to finish – equal parts sweet&kind, nasty&witchy. If you have not already…AND she struggles with what to do about writing and who she is…a fav topic!

  2. I second the Arrested Development recommendation! You must also dig up the PBS “Anne of Green Gables” and “Anne of Avonlea” miniseries. I have the VHS tapes and MUST find them on DVD….

  3. I totally got hooked on “Glee” on hulu too! Love it! I’m with those who suggest “Arrested Development.” Good stuff.

  4. I’d say #1 is “Glee,” but a close second at #2 is “Modern Family.” I love that show. And since I know B is a history fan, what about “The Pacific”? Don’t know if it will be on DVD in time, but if it is, I’m getting it for you!

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