Tom Petty Was Right

During my sophomore year of college, I took the standard intro to news writing course. Each week as part of the class, we spent half of the session out reporting on some random story idea, and half back in the lab writing (again, back in the dark ages, when we all had desktop computers, firmly planted back in our dorm rooms. None of this laptop stuff.). For one assignment, I had the *brilliant* idea of writing about people waiting for the campus shuttle, and I actually started the story with something like, “Tom Petty sang that the waiting is the hardest part.” In my defense, they were waiting a long time. Outside. In the snow. In Syracuse. And I had 45 minutes to come up with a story idea. But yeesh, cliche much?

My writing instinct may have been wrong that day, but Tom Petty was right.

Waiting SUCKS.

It took almost a week and a lot of tenacity on the part of my dogged and determined nurse, but they’ve finally found me a slot on my surgeon’s schedule. I’ll be seeing the best neck surgeon and designer of straight scars east of the Mississippi for a consult on May 27 and surgery (tentatively) on June 9.

So I have a month to kill. It’s not as if I don’t have enough to keep me busy–what with work, an incomplete in school to finish up, plus all those DVDs you all have suggested and my mastery of yoga to get started on–but I think what we really need to take up some of that time is a vacation.

If you had a week to go pretty much anywhere, in May, where would you go? The only place I think we’ve ruled out is Hawaii, to my great disappointment, because it’s just too far to go for so short a time. Other ideas on my current short list: San Francisco/Monterey/Sonoma, New Orleans, Bermuda. I’m not used to planning a trip in such a short amount of time–whenever will I find time to obsessively stalk the TripAdvisor forums?–so any ideas that come ready-made with suggestions of places to sleep/see/eat/drink get extra points.

BTW — I already checked the Sox schedule. Philly? Been there, done that, in May, and I don’t feel a need to repeat…


7 thoughts on “Tom Petty Was Right

  1. Ahem. San Diego.

    Padre stadium (and, unfortuantely, the Padres), the harbor (this time with sunshine), Zoo, Seaworld, Wild Animal Park, Temecula wineries, Orange County is an hour away, LA & environs are 30 mins beyond. Beaches. Drive up the coast. Coronado. Catalina. Karen.

  2. I know you’ve already been there, but there’s something to be said about the Valentin and its swim-up bars, endless alcohol, good food, friendly staff, and Elena and her bike tours of the laundry and human research department. And have you already forgotten about channel 47??

    But if you’re looking for something different, I’ve heard Bermuda is beautiful and I had fun some years ago in wine country. Or maybe head north to Montreal or Quebec?

  3. My suggestion would be Bermuda, it’s a quick flight and has so much to offer. Laying on a beach, nightlife and lots of history. Kevin and I went for our 10th anniversary and would go back in a hearbeat..

  4. I am always fond of ends of the earth Atlantic beaches – Outer Banks are perfect in May, great places to eat, from trendy to bbq nosh, and the ocean and stretches of barrier beach are comforting in their timelessness. Curling up with mugs o’ coffee for sunrise in sweats, long talks and longer walks…

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