A Window Into My World

Those of you who have met me once or twice will probably agree that I tend to have too much going on. For as much as I love to sit and read, I don’t often end up sitting still all that much.

So it will make sense to a lot of you that with all we’ve had going on, it seemed like the perfect time to replace our windows this week. Kind of like when we replaced our floors right before our wedding, and gutted our kitchen in the middle of my first round of the hateful low-iodine diet. You know, that diet where I had to cook everything? From scratch? Awesome planning on our parts there. (You’ll notice I’m saying we and our here. I’m not alone in this craziness.)

But another spring broke in one of our windows a few weeks ago–right around the same time we were waiting for those calls to come from the doctors–and suddenly we had a real need to open the windows, to let in the fresh air. So that’s what we’ll do tomorrow, just as I make my final plans to leave work for six weeks, and to go on vacation next week.

Maybe during my leave, I’ll take the opportunity to learn how to just be, and to be still. But now I need to go clean some more stuff off our windowsills and find a window-less wall to move our bikes to.


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