From NOLA, With Love

We’re back from our quick getaway to New Orleans, where we were greeted with great music, cheap drinks, butter-laden food and hot, hot days. It was very much what I had in mind–a temporary eraser of the last few months, and a bit of a distraction from what’s to come. I was sad to leave, but as is almost always the case, I was glad to get back home. Now, then, a few musings and bits of advice from our trip:

  • Always take your bartender’s suggestions for other places to check out. Five times out of five, our bartenders sent us to great places we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.
  • Pack a lot of Band-aids, and then double them. Lots and lots of walking to do in New Orleans, and you see the best stuff on foot.
  • Pack extra tops, too. Lots and lots of humidity in New Orleans (see, walking, above).
  • Don’t take your 10-year-old daughter to Bourbon Street on a Saturday night and then start flashing for beads. (Sad, but a true sight.) Even better, just don’t take your 10-year-old daughter to Bourbon Street on a Saturday night.
  • The locals like Treme. They say it’s a realistic portrayal of the city in the aftermath of Katrina, and that it’s filled with inside baseball. (No surprise, given David Simon’s track record with The Wire.) We met at least two people who have been on the show, drank in a bar that’s been featured (the Apple Barrel) and suspect we may have sat next to a guy who works on the show (our eavesdropping couldn’t settle it one way or the other). Oh, and the theme song is real, and sounds great live.
  • If you can rally and get up and out early, you’ll pretty much have the city streets to yourself. A bit eerie, but cool.
  • If you head back down to Bourbon Street early in the morning, though, be prepared. That street (and some others) could use some Febreze. Heat + horse tours + beer + Saturday night aftermath = yuck.
  • If you kill a mosquito in your hotel room, be prepared for the bites that are bound to show up all over your legs shortly thereafter.
  • If you can handle the need for Febreze and DEET, you can land yourself a cute place in the French Quarter for about $700,000. Lots of houses for sale.
  • Cafe du Monde coffee tastes good in February, but during a heat wave in May, pass me a cold Abita, please.
  • Yoga alone probably isn’t going to be enough to counteract the Abitas and the good food of the weekend. Time for the gym (and some cardio)….

2 thoughts on “From NOLA, With Love

  1. We were in NOLA in August a few years ago for a conference, and I should have planned to wear three tops a day–we positively melted. But the beignets were worth it!

  2. Extra band-aids are also a good idea if you’re in Mexico and your sister decides to slice open her leg while shaving, resulting in a bathroom that looks like a crime scene, followed shortly thereafter by your friend slicing her foot open in the ocean. It’s okay, though, because there were two swim-up bars!

    Sounds like you two had a fantastic trip, which you both needed!!

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