The LID Bucket List

9.5 days and counting (down). 

That’s how long I have until my low-iodine diet starts on June 14. I’m tentatively penciled in for my radioactive iodine dose on July 14, which means, yes, that I will need to be on the dreaded, hateful diet for at least a month. (You generally have to stick with it for 24-48 hours after you take the iodine pill.) 

Those of you who haven’t listened to me complain ad nauseum about this diet twice in the past might wonder, how bad could it be? I mean, it’s no Master Cleanse or grapefruit diet, and I can drink all the wine and beer I want (and yes, sweet tea vodka–I just checked). I even have a friend who likes this diet. (You’ll have to excuse her. She’s nuts.) 

Some of you who have seen me go after a good wheel of Brie or a plate of brownies are familiar with my love of all things cheese and chocolate. But they’re not allowed on this diet. Actually, no dairy of any kind, or commercially prepared products. No bread products that I don’t make myself. No sushi, or fish at all. No soy. No egg yolks. Nothing that says “salt” on the label, unless I can verify 16 different ways that the salt that was used was non-iodized (which, as you might guess, you can’t do). 

It’s really easier to explain what you can eat. Beef. Turkey and chicken, as long as they haven’t been pumped full of any brining or saline solutions (most have). Veggies. Fruit (though no maraschino cherries, if anyone would consider them fruit). Bread made at home, with non-iodized salt. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. 

I know I need an attitude adjustment on this. I know the diet will make it possible for my treatment to work to the best of its ability. I know some doctors don’t even know enough to tell their patients to do the diet, hurting their chances for success. I know it will be easier to do the diet in the summer, when great fruits and veggies are plentiful, and when we can cook them on the grill. I suspect eating chicken and veggies may help me lose the pounds I packed on during the end of the book/end of the semester/end of work frenzy, and then that little food fest known as our trip to New Orleans. 


You can know things in your rational mind and still not agree with them.

But, I have no choice but to get cracking on finding my best cheese-free veggie recipes, and I will. Between now and the 14th, though, I intend to make my way through an LID bucket list, of sorts. (My cravings for brie in phyllo dough and pad thai snuck up on me the first time I did this diet.) On my list: trips to Starbucks, to the local sushi place for lunch, to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream, somewhere to get a really good white russian, and next weekend, out with friends for a last supper. (I tried the going-out-and-having-a-drink-while-watching-everyone-else-eat thing the last time. Yeah, not so much.)

No decision yet on whether our outing will be for Italian (cheese! bacon! egg pasta!) or seafood, but it will be somewhere we can dig in, have some laughs, and toast to good health to come.


6 thoughts on “The LID Bucket List

  1. Karen — excellent call, and now my mouth is watering! Mike — I actually haven’t seen that one. I have another LID cookbook by the Thyroid Cancer Association and wonder how much overlap there is between the two. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Well, this body doesn’t need italian, but for you I will sacrifice. And,now you know that I really did read your blog. Steph

  3. Last minute diet musts to fit in before the 14th:

    chocolate cheesecake
    a western omelet with a vanilla frappe
    hot fudge sundae with maple walnut ice cream and whipped cream
    nachos grande
    French toast with bacon
    Boneless Chinese spare ribs with a side of pork egg fu yung

    Oh oh, that looks a lot like my regular diet.

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