Put One Foot in Front of the Other

My monthly issue of Runner’s World came in the mail yesterday. You know the magazine–the one with the professional runners on the cover, and tips for running sub-3:00 marathons and the “fun” of doing hills and interval training inside.

I don’t have lot in common with many of the cover models, and I don’t follow a lot of the tips inside the magazine’s pages. But I love seeing it in my mailbox each month. It represents a world of possibilities, and every once in a while it reminds me that for as slowly and infrequently as I run, running is something I’m actually not so bad at. With all the things my body has done so badly, running–it turns out–isn’t one of them. I’ve run races longer than I thought possible and more quickly than I expected, and I’ve even managed to not finish last. (The latter was the only goal I set for the first 5k I ran, and the only one I keep now.)

I’m actually starting to develop an affinity for yoga, having gone a whole two times. But reading Runner’s World yesterday got me excited, once again, to lace up my shoes and get back out there on the pavement. (Um, tomorrow. It’s going to be 90+ degrees today, and I woke up late. Maybe I’ll just hit the treadmill today.)

I remembered, too, that the Survivor Harbor 7 is coming up next weekend, in Baltimore. The Survivor 7 is the only race with a “survivor” division for runners who have fought cancer, chronic disease and addiction, and it’s one I’ve wanted to run for a while. I didn’t train for it this year because I thought I’d be having surgery four days earlier, and while I’m not a terrible runner, no one wants to see me attempting 7 miles cold.

Next year, though–there’s always next year. And lots of free, oversized t-shirts to get at races in the meantime.


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