A Trifecta of Good Cancer News

To those who tried calling us this week only to hear busy signal after busy signal: No, we didn’t get tired of answering the phone and take it off the hook.

Phone and Internet service to our whole street was out for most of the week. So I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for blog posts in my mind, but haven’t had the Internet access to work on them. More to come in the next few days, including the launch of my very own Julie/Julia project (with, of course, related hopes for a huge book deal and a movie starring Meryl Streep working her way through a bunch of LID recipes).

But for now, for those who hadn’t heard, this was a good cancer week. Not specifically for me–not a ton happening on that front right now, unless you count not having had surgery yesterday–but for the thousands and thousands of people battling skin, lung and breast cancers.

Scientists announced the successful trials of two drugs targeted at fighting advanced melanoma and lung cancer, and that human trials may begin as soon as next year on a breast cancer vaccine.

That’s some remarkable news. As this Wall Street Journal column mentions, arguments persist about cancer funding and research, both outside and inside the cancer community. The politics around cancer can be fierce. But no one disagrees that too many people still die from this disease. For that reason, it’s pretty cool when there’s such good news to share, such positive developments that will make tangible differences in the lives of so many.

Let’s keep it up.


One thought on “A Trifecta of Good Cancer News

  1. And from same conference google Delpath, which has developed very exciting treatment for liver cancer, that has potential for many other organs.

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