No Holds Barred

A few weeks back, I made a trip to Old Navy to buy my annual set of essentially disposable summer t-shirts (you know, the ones that end up stained by sunscreen, ketchup and frozen margarita slush).

Fortunately, I also grabbed a lightweight cotton skirt with a stretchy waist. Let’s just say that it’s come in handy over the last week or so.

You may recall my LID bucket list. As many of you know, when I really set my mind to accomplishing something, there’s no stopping me.  This challenge was no different. In the past week or so, I’ve managed to cross many items off my list–including several I hadn’t anticipated but that seemed too good to pass up. I’ve had a sausage loaded with onions and peppers at Camden Yards; a vanilla-chocolate twist soft serve cone with chocolate jimmies (unfortunately not from Bubbling Brook); pad thai packed with tofu; hot lattes, iced mochas, and coffee light frappuccinos; fettuccine drowning in cream (it had some redeeming value in tiny slices of asparagus and mushrooms); the giant box of Junior Mints at the movies; pizza topped with prosciutto; and enough milk in my cereal to float a small boat. I even ate a hot dog–with mustard–at the Nationals game on Tuesday night. I really don’t like hot dogs, or mustard. At all. But I was willing to spend the outrageous $5.50 for the cause.

I still have a few things to check off: sushi, a white russian or mudslide, the good Italian dinner ahead tomorrow night. But at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, I turn into a proverbial pumpkin. (Good thing pumpkin is allowed on this diet.)

I spent $140 and two hours at two different grocery stores today buying stuff in preparation for the LID. With yet more to buy at Whole Paycheck and/or the farmers’ market tomorrow. I could be salty about this, or I could embrace the fact that I will be decidedly un-salty for the next five weeks, and find a positive spin to put on the diet. (And yes, I made that pun, and yes, you have to give me that one. It was just sitting out there for the taking.)

So. Positives. Well, there’s the midday drinking, what with the not working and the allowance of alcohol on the diet. And…

Still thinking….

There’s the chance to do my very own Julie/Julia project. For those who missed the ubiquitous commercials for Julie & Julia, the movie, last year, a few years back a woman in New York set out to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year, and she blogged about her successes and failures.

My experiment is going to involve a lot less butter and cream (OK, none), and it’s doubtful that Hollywood’s been dying to make a movie about a woman going iodine-free for a month. But nevertheless, I’m going to write here about my attempts to cook things I’ve never had the time or energy to try (meringues, anyone?) and to transform recipes that would appear to need LID-forbidden foods (risotto). Stay tuned for what tastes surprisingly good, and what sets off our smoke alarm and goes directly into the garbage disposal.

And if you need yet another reason to read: cocktails of the day. I mentioned the midday drinking–might as well do something productive with it. So, welcome to my cruise ship, where I’ll be trying out new and fun drinks. These recipes may even make you want to play along at home.


3 thoughts on “No Holds Barred

  1. Since it’s summer, a good way to get daily fruit servings is sangria. There’s lots of different recipes for them on

  2. Two thoughts – drink to try – Wet Willie – poire William, French pear eau de vie (water of life, poignant) and bitter lemon. And do not make meringues when itz humid…

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