Happy Days Are Here Again

When one wedding in the family just isn’t enough…let’s play two!

I was so excited to get the call last night that my sister is engaged. (Well, technically, it was a missed call, followed by a text, because she couldn’t wait to share the news. Good thing I got the text before checking Facebook, where she’d already changed her status.) Just like with my own engagement, I knew it was coming, but it’s an altogether different feeling once it finally happens.

These are fantastic days for our family. Two engagements inside two months, with the promise of fun times to be had in the next couple of years. As I wished for M&J in April, I do again for L&S: May the days and years ahead bring lots of good, no bad, and plenty of laughs to get through it all.

When I finished the blog post for M&J, our wedding song came on. Last night when I got off the phone with L, a rainbow emerged through the clouds. Another good sign!


One thought on “Happy Days Are Here Again

  1. Happy news! Congrats the Mariani/Hooley family is growing by leaps and bounds. Thinking of you … you werre missed “girl’s weekend”. We kind of behaved, well kind of.
    Sister Patricia

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