One Day Down…

Day 1 of the low iodine diet is done.

I went a little crazy in the last 10 days with the all-iodine, all-the-time diet. So much so that by the time we got home after going for sushi yesterday, I didn’t even need to break into the extra peanut butter-chocolate parfait that Erin made.


I turned down a chocolate dessert.

(Don’t worry–it’s safely stashed away in the freezer, awaiting my first day off the diet.)

I’ve complained enough in this space already about the downsides of this diet, so I won’t repeat them again now. The full truth, though, is that this diet is tough for me in ways beyond missing baked brie and brownies. It’s a month when I’m not able to catch up with friends over lunch in a restaurant, or to have a dinner date with B, or even just to pop into Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up. It means planning out every snack and meal, and if I’m going to be out of the house, that I have all the food I need within reach. Every low-iodine bite I take is a reminder that I’m doing my best to prepare for treatment, but also that I have cancer.

I’m so fortunate this time around not to have worry about how to manage the diet and work. I don’t have to scramble in the morning to make egg whites, or to haul oatmeal and a bunch of different toppings into the office, or to eat boring salads or peanut butter and bananas on rice cakes for lunch. (A lifesaver the last time I did the diet: A group of friends at work rallied to make me LID lunches. Not eating sad rice cakes, alone, kept my head above water for those two weeks.)

This time, I have two LID buddies–my sister and B–making the journey a little easier. My veggie sister may need to resort to some soy crumbles to keep from fainting and/or eating rice and beans for every meal, and I suspect B may need a hot dog at lunch every now and then. Having them on the black coffee/unsalted almond diet–even 95% of the time–is an awesome and tangible reminder of the love and support that I know all of you continue to send in my direction.

The rest of you should keep eating cheese, though. I’d hate for dairy farmers everywhere to go out of business due to my drop in consumption over the next month.

(Coming soon: the results of my first LID test recipes. Though I can say already that the LID-compatible candy bar I found passed the taste test.)


One thought on “One Day Down…

  1. Hi Michele,
    By now you are almost done with Day #2.. I admire your stamina and fabulous sense of humor. It was great to celebrate with you and your friends last weekend. They are a fun group and seem to be a great support to you. I thnk Brian for bringing you into our lives. Take care and keep up the good work, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love Judy

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