Let the Experiments Begin!

And, on Day 3, the rice cakes were opened. 

But not before a few recipes were tried, and multiple servings of fruits and vegetables eaten. 

The rice cakes were Day 3’s breakfast experiment. Day 1 I started with dry cereal (I was excited to find LID-compatible Cinnamon Harvest mini wheats in the supermarket organic aisle, but trust me, mini wheats without milk–even really good ones–taste like cardboard), and Day 2’s breakfast of scrambled egg whites (an attempt at eating protein for breakfast) quickly reminded me why we use milk with scrambled eggs, and why they’re even better with a little cheese. 

But I didn’t feel defeated breaking open the bag of salt-free rice cakes this morning. After all, I was coming off of several successful meals made from scratch. I made a smoothie worthy of the $4.50 I usually spend on one down the street, and a halfway decent batch of sloppy joes from the LID cookbook, heavy on onions and peppers with the onion-and-pepper-fearing B out of town for work. 

The best recipe, though? No-knead bread. The last two times around with LID, I borrowed a friend’s bread machine and made a few decent loaves, but nothing that sent me looking for sandwich fixings. Now, that bread machine has gone wherever rarely used appliances go to die, and I have nothing but time, so figured I’d try making bread from scratch. Let’s be honest here, though–the less effort, the better. In comes the no-knead bread. Mix it up, let it sit for most of a day, toss it around a bit, let it sit for however long again, bake, slice. 

It came out so well I even had to take a picture: 

Look out, Great Harvest Bread Co...


And then I had to find an excuse to use more of the bread. Next stop, panzanella: 


I was so focused on the bread that I totally ignored the fact that those chickpeas had been floating in a bath of canned sea salt soup before I poured them into the salad. I washed them but after eating about four, it dawned on me, “Hmmm, I bet there was salt in that canning water.” Sure enough…and out went the chickpeas from the salad. At least they looked nice for the picture. (This is why they have you start the diet so early, so you have time to recover from rookie mistakes like that.) 

Tonight’s dinner was a roast chicken and garlic mashed potatoes. No pictures of those, mostly because we were starving by the time the food came out of the oven. It takes a long time to roast a chicken! (My original plan to follow a Barefoot Contessa recipe went out the window when, at 5:15, I read that it needed to marinate for at least four hours. Maybe next time.) 

So, all in all, this isn’t going too badly so far. I even found a few chocolate snacks to keep me going (Trader Joe’s dark chocolate truffle candy bar and So Delicious dairy-free, soy-free chocolate “ice cream”). The only problem so far is the cooking aftermath. Where are the elves when you need them? 


5 thoughts on “Let the Experiments Begin!

  1. Sounds like the no-knead bread was even better than the stuff with the bread machine – nice work! (The machine found a new home somewhere in my building, as five minutes after I set it in the hall by the elevator, it was gone.)

    And it’s nice to know where some of my plastic containers have gone, as I see one in that sink nightmare . . . 🙂

  2. My dad is a no-knead bread fanatic–and it is the BEST. I’m sure I gain a zillion pounds every time they visit because all I eat is bread. 🙂

  3. How funny, my dad is a no-knead bread nutcase as well. He makes this rye that just kills me. It’s so good. I have devoured a loaf in a day and a half. I am embarassed to type that.

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