A Storybook Life, v. 1.1

I’m not a fan of redesigns.

I’m one of those website visitors who sighs when a favorite site switches things up. I liked things the way they were! Where did that menu go? How do I find the archives that used to be so readily available? 

Maybe I react this way because I’m not really a fan of change, or that I’m just not all that visually creative. I’ve worked on magazines as they’ve gone through redesigns, and although I really liked the finished products, the redesign process is challenging. It requires forward thinking, taking a step ahead of the curve to respond to changes in design aesthetics and to anticipate what your readers will need in the future.

Nevertheless, you’ll notice that I changed the blog up a little today. The original design was always intended to be a placeholder–something clean that allowed me to play around a bit, and for all of you to get acquainted with the site. Those steps taken, it was time to look for something a little different.

I’m lucky–using WordPress means that I don’t need to know code or design. I just go to a menu, look over the available templates, and plug and play. That doesn’t mean the choice was easy. My last theme–surprise–was called “The Journalist.” This time, did I want to stay literal and adopt “PressRow”? Or to go more playful with “Bueno”? I played a little Three Little Pigs–this design was too harsh, that one was too lighthearted. In the end, I found a design and a name that worked for where I am now, “Vigilance.”

I’m sure there will be more tweaks and changes down the line, but this is probably enough change for me right now. Let me know what you think!


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