Lady in Waiting

Today was supposed to be one of my scan days. I’d gotten myself psyched up for three hours of fun with PET and CT scans, including the high protein/low carb diet you have to do the day before. You might recall that I’m on that other pesky little low iodine diet. So what does one eat on a high protein/low carb/low iodine diet? 

Egg whites. 

Oh, and unsalted peanut butter, and meat, and low-carb vegetables. Yum! 

And remember the low-carb part? Definitely no drinking allowed there. As in the part of the low iodine diet that makes it palatable for five weeks. 

So you can imagine that I was a little hungry and not in a particularly chipper mood yesterday at 4:30 p.m., when the hospital called to say that my PET-CT was being cancelled because my doctor’s office never got the pre-authorization from my insurance. Thankfully I hadn’t chugged the nasty barium glucose drink yet. Instead, I left some voice mails for a bunch of different nurses, told them to figure this out, poured myself some wine and ate a hunk of bread. 

The test still hasn’t been rescheduled, but my nurse assured me today that it won’t disrupt my treatment schedule.. Disrupting my life? Too late. 

But there wasn’t much to be done about it tonight, and I figured I should eat some carbs while I could. So I finally made risotto, without the usual butter, cheese or chicken broth. And it wasn’t terrible, which seems like success for a risotto missing key ingredients like butter and cheese

I could have made my own chicken or veggie broth, but I didn’t. So I filled up a pot of water and threw some herbs in, and doubled the usual 1/2 cup of white wine that I usually use. 

A little for the risotto, a little for me...


I also stepped up the amount of onion, figuring the risotto would need some additional flavor. In hindsight, I may have taken it too far, even as the onion eater in the house. 

When the cat is away (at work), the mice will play (with lots of onions and shallots)


For a meal with no dairy, it actually got reasonably creamy. It did take doubling the time to stir all the water into the rice than usual. 


I originally planned to add some roasted vegetables to the risotto, but I figured I should do this one plain, first, so I could know better how to tweak it in the future. (For the record, less onions, more salt. Keep the wine.) So I added some fresh basil, and done! 


Next planned recipe: short ribs. Unlike the people on Top Chef, I have plenty of time to braise short ribs. But the recipe I want to make needs two days and at least a bottle of red wine, and that’s not allowed on the high protein/low carb/low iodine diet that I could be directed to start following at any time, so that one will have to wait. 

Guess I’ll have to eat the risotto leftovers quickly.


One thought on “Lady in Waiting

  1. The risotto actually looked yummy. I’m glad you were well prepared to chase it down with large quantities of wine in case it wasn’t! Thank god there is always wine to fall back on.

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