What To Do While You’re Waiting

I am not a patient person. I get impatient while trying to meditate, for crying out loud.

The last few weeks, though, have essentially been one big exercise in patience. Tests were scheduled, cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled again. There have been rounds of voice mail tag with my doctors, trying to figure out what comes next. Finally, the supposed last test came on Thursday, and I’ve been waiting since for the results that should determine once and for all whether we’ll move forward with the radioactive iodine treatment this week as planned, or if we’re back to thinking about surgery. (Ironically, this indecision actually comes from a good place: My test results have been good enough that the doctors think surgery may get all of the cancer. But there are pluses and minuses to both the RAI and surgery…hence the need for the doctors to confer, and for me to practice patience.)

A few of the ways I’ve kept myself occupied and from going totally crazy:

  • Sleeping in
  • Watching daily doses of West Wing and 90210, and as many episodes of Friday Night Lights as humanly possible in a day
  • Cooking/baking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
  • Loading the dishwasher, handwashing dishes that aren’t dishwasher-safe/expensive knives/bowls I’ll need again in two hours, unloading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Going grocery shopping for whatever staple has run out that day: eggs, flour, sugar, wine, tequila
  • Going to Target, spending $50, getting home and realizing I’ve forgotten what I actually went there for
  • Meeting friends, relishing in the opportunity to actually sit and talk
  • Calling my nurse to confirm appointments
  • Driving through rush-hour traffic for three-minute doctor’s appointments
  • Calling my nurse back for appointment results, leaving voice mail, missing the nurse’s return call, rinse, repeat
  • Searching for sunscreen that rates at all acceptable in the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen report
  • Sitting at the pool (in the shade after failing to find adequate sunblock)
  • Procrastinating on the last two papers from my spring class
  • Power yoga (Life is too short to do a bunch of vinyasas that I can’t keep straight, and to spend 20 of 60 minutes in a downward dog. Gotta find a slow yoga class.)

This weekend brought one of the best kinds of distractions: a visit from my sister and her fiance. Hardly any cancer talk, lots of wedding planning, the demonstration of exceedingly poor bowling skills, three homemade pizzas (more on those, and the great LID cookoff, in the next post), and plenty of laughs. Those are my kind of distractions.


3 thoughts on “What To Do While You’re Waiting

  1. Hi Michelle,

    So how much longer so you need to wait ’til you find out? I’m so glad you’re doing this blog, Jeff and I actually talk about whatever you’ve posted all the time. It’s so great to know what’s going on. You really should keep it up even after all this is behind you – you have such a great voice.

    Anyway, let me make a few time occupying suggestions while you wait:
    1. DVR and watch Tosh.0. OK, technically I haven’t seen this comedian on Comedy Central yet but a friend told me this weekend that I NEED to do it so I’m passing it on.
    2. Finally order or print out all your pics and get them into albums. 85% of people I know are behind on this.
    3. Read some guilty pleasures
    4. Be a tourist – you’re in an amazing city
    5. Do a puzzle – sounds lame but it can get addictive

    Probably nothing you haven’t thought of but I thought I’d make some suggestions just in case. By the way, the other day you were asking for vegan recipes – I don’t have a recipe but you could experiement with stuffed peppers. I threw some together once for a vegan friend with rice, chickpeas onions and I forget what else but the cups could work with lots of mixtures.

    Love ya,


  2. Seriously, Sons of Anarchy. Two season’s worth… addictive, guilty pleasure and it’s just so hard to stop once you get going! I keep episodes on my laptop to watch when I travel and I always catch people watching the screen or giving me thumbs up.

    But really – have fingers crossed for you this week! Good luck!

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