Over and Out

Not much to say today, other than…

I’m done.

I emerged from house arrest this morning to make my final trek to the hospital (at least for now). After three hours of scans and two times through my Glee soundtrack playlist, the nuclear medicine doctors confirmed the good news: The nodule we knew was there “lit up,” just as we wanted it to (that shows that it took up the radioactive iodine), and I was clear of any other spots.

We shook the doctor’s hand, walked through the door, and didn’t look back.

This is good news–though I won’t quickly forget that it’s incremental good news. I’ll still need to have quarterly ultrasounds and blood work, and likely another round of LID, Thyrogen, blood work and a radioactive scan a year from now to gauge whether this treatment has been successful at destroying this tumor.

But today? I was free to leave, no longer radioactive (though I need to continue to keep my distance from pregnant women, babies and toddlers for the next week), and without any needle sticks. I went to an actual restaurant–with another person (B)–and Clar made his triumphant return to the house this afternoon. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate with a quick trip to Williamsburg.

It’s almost like life may return to normal. Not the same as it was in March–I’m observant enough this time to know that the status quo from earlier this year isn’t where I should be–but a new normal.

I can start figuring out what that means next week. First, roller coasters!


9 thoughts on “Over and Out

  1. So happy to hear the good news – both that the appointment today went as expected and that you’re now free to rejoin society!

  2. WOO HOO! Looking forward to a celebratory bottle or two or three of wine (yep, you and I are in the bottle category, not the glass category).

  3. I was going to say that I wish I could be there to celebrate, but it looks like Steph has that under control! Have fun tomorrow!!

  4. YAY! This post made my day & by the way, please keep your blog going…like so many others, I enjoy your writing — no matter what the subject!! 🙂 Love you, MMW

  5. Congrats on the next step to wellness. Enjoy your weekend and like Michele, I truly love to read your writing regardless of the topic. Hugs Laura

  6. Woohooo! Sorry I am late — this post only showed up in the RSS feed today (Sat)!! Very glad toknow you are up & about and all the tests are good! I’ve been without cell signal the whole week, but I fly home tomorrow & will hopefully check in with you soon. CONGRATS!

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