Keep Your Eyes Peeled

When I was on vacation last year in Mexico, I saw a guy on the beach wearing what may have been the best t-shirt ever.

It read, “Scars are tattoos with better stories.”

I could have run up to him to ask him where he got the shirt, but at that moment, I probably had something more pressing to attend to, like the waitress who was there to take our drink order, or a pool float that was being snagged by another sunbather. (Later that week, I did get a henna tattoo–mostly to scare the bejeezus out of B–and yup, I still liked my scar better.)

I actually like my scar, despite that it will never fully fade, that I need to lather it in sunscreen every day, and that you can see it in pretty much everything I wear. It’s a battle wound–evidence of a fight that I’m winning.

And so the shirt’s slogan has stuck with me, and I’ve looked for it in every t-shirt shop I’ve passed since. I’ve looked online, too, but the only ones I can find have skulls and crossbones or pirate logos, and while I know I can be downright scary, I’m not sure skulls and crossbones are a particularly good look for me.

So, a request. If you spot a shirt with the slogan as you make your way through boardwalk t-shirt shops this summer, or you run into my friend from the Mexican beach, would you mind picking me up one?


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