The Best ____ of Medical Leave

You know the saying: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And then add sweet tea vodka.

OK, slight twist on a classic. But as I prepare for my leave to come to an end tomorrow, I thought I’d look back and take stock of the highs (I think we’ve already covered the lows in enough detail):

  • The best book I read for the first time: The Autoimmune Epidemic, by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Not the lightest fare but illuminating.
  • The best book I reread: Tie, between A Short Guide to a Happy Life, by Anna Quindlen, and Traveling Mercies, by Anne Lamott. I would read grocery lists if Anna Quindlen wrote them. I’ll have to leave my undying love for her to another post.
  • The best song I found to write to: “The Heart of Life,” by John Mayer. Yes, I am dismayed that I like his songs, too.
  • The best show I found on DVD: 30 Rock. That show made isolation even mildly doable.
  • The best guilty pleasure I gave in to: Bethenny¬†Getting Married. I’m not sure if it’s creative editing, but Bethenny actually comes off strangely…human in that show, which is more than I can say for most reality TV stars.
  • The best pre-LID meal: Italian dinner in New Orleans. Garlic, crazy waiter, and really good (and plentiful) cheap food.
  • The best during-LID meal: Do whole loaves of bread count? If not, I’ll go with the LID cookoff, prepared by others.
  • The best post-LID meal (at least so far): Mid-isolation sushi, as delivered by Steph (and Karen! How could I have forgotten about the surprise?).
  • The best cocktail of the day or week: Tequila sunrise. Reminders of Mexican vacations were most welcome during some low days in early July.

And….it’s on to the next chapter.


3 thoughts on “The Best ____ of Medical Leave

  1. I bet you’re looking forward to returning to work – even if the feeling evaporates by noon. Enjoy!

    PS – Loved your email update. Will respond in-kind v soon, and will be in your area just after Labor Day!

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