Jogging Back Into Real Life

And….we’re back.

Sort of as I expected, I was unsure what to write about for my first post-leave post. I’m trying to follow the advice that several of you have lent, to not feel pressure to write just for writing’s sake. But writing this blog was one of my favorite parts of the last few months, and I don’t want to let too much time pass without giving my creative muscles a bit of a workout.

So, it’s fitting that an actual workout led me back to my computer. I started my Cancer to 5k training yesterday. The first session was a physically easy one; we spent more time getting introduced to each other and the program than we did running, and even then, we started with a light jog (just right for this runner who had run outside exactly one time in, um, the last YEAR).

I’m excited to be a part of this group of cancer survivors, and for the positive energy that I’m sure we’ll generate. But I’m even more encouraged by the attitude that courses through the whole CT5K program, especially that our workouts are designed and tweaked with our whole lives in mind. Each runner logs on daily to keep track of exercise, yes, but also sleep, fatigue, soreness, and stress level.

You read that right. This program takes into account when you’re having a bad day (or week, or more).

I love that this program is accommodating, but doesn’t allow free passes. No more will I be able to take my black-and-white approach: Good day, with no class to go to? Workout. Bad day? Couch, TV, and a glass of wine. Now there will be a middle ground: Not such a great day? Workout, but be kind to yourself. (And maybe pour a slightly smaller glass of sauvignon blanc after the run.) Given the lessons I’ve learned in the past few months, it seems like it’s the right time for me to have joined this group.

Hmm. It also seems like the universe might be conspiring to get me to think more about how all the pieces fit together. Who knew I’d find that on a running trail?


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