Tweety Bird

Time for your help again.

I’m getting more involved with the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, and I’m trying to help some of the group’s leaders think through our social media strategy. We know we need to–and can–do more with the ThyCa Facebook page, and we’re starting to plan for how to revamp the group’s website. But should we be using Twitter, too?

I am a devoted Facebook procrastinator user, but have never really caught the Twitter bug. Do you use it? What for? Would it be an effective way for us to direct followers to stories about other survivors? To highlight events? If you follow a person or group, how often do you like to see them tweet? What makes you click on a link they embed?

And…I’m a little nervous to ask this, considering that I’m just coming around to Twitter, but what other media should we be thinking about? I’m particularly interested in reaching young adult women, the group that most frequently gets thyca–and unfortunately, is getting it a lot more these days. Any and all suggestions welcome.


One thought on “Tweety Bird

  1. Not a tweeter or a facebooker but many others are, seems the more mediums the better if you have the resources. Searchable avenues tend to be my favorite rather then random unsolicited updates.

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