A Real Life Valentine

B and I will celebrate our third wedding anniversary in a little more than two weeks. At times, it has seemed like those years have both flown by and been the longest of our lives.

Standing in that garden on that very hot day in September, we didn’t know how quickly our vows would be tested. After we got the bad news from my doctor less than three months later, we told each other that we were getting the bad days out of the way, that it would be smooth sailing from there.

OK, so it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. But just as I said a few months ago, when the rash of sibling engagements began, we’ve had a lot of fantastic days, too, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve packed a whole lot of life into the last three years (with lots more in the preceding 5 1/2).

We were so lucky to be able to celebrate the first of the sibling weddings this past weekend. B, as best man, was on point for the toast, and let’s just say it was a good thing that he said it to me before he delivered it live, so I didn’t dissolve into a puddle in the middle of the reception.

He’s given me the OK to reprint some of it here, for which I’m grateful, not only because he hates this kind of attention but also because I was too slow to remember that my camera can take video, and damn, do I wish I had this to share with his brother and his wife to listen to a few years from now, when they’re toasting to another anniversary.

I’ve only been at this marriage thing for three years, but in my three years, I’ve learned a few things. Good days are easy; you can get through those yourself.

The bad days are what marriage is for. K’s bad days are no longer his to get through alone; they are now H’s, and H’s are his. The best part of marriage is that you no longer have bad days alone. Michele and I have certainly learned that.

Best of luck, and I love you. Cheers.


7 thoughts on “A Real Life Valentine

  1. First the dancing at your wedding (which I still can’t believe) and now this, the man is mush, I love it. And M, I’m sure you still bawled.

  2. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. I cannot believe that it has almost been three years! This has been the longest/fastest (if that is possible) three years ever.

  3. As K and I approach our 15th anniversary, I must say Brian couldn’t have said it better. I am guessing there wasn’t a dry eye listening to that speech….

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