Why Do Today…

So it’s a week of confessions about personality traits that begin with the letter “p.”

We’ve already covered my efforts to overcome my perfectionist tendencies. Next up: How in the world can I kick the procrastination habit?

I don’t know many journalists who aren’t also procrastinators, and when you add in the perfectionist bent…well, you end up with the combination fear of failure + adrenaline rush of working against a deadline, and you get me. More to the point, throw in the Internet as the world’s best/worst procrastination tool–and one that I need almost constantly for work–and you really get me.

I’d like to say that I have given as much thought and effort to curbing my procrastination as I have getting past my perfectionist hangups. But shocker! I haven’t, because I probably found something more interesting to do, like watch a Top Chef marathon or read old Alan Sepinwall blog posts about Friday Night Lights and the Wire. (If you haven’t found Alan Sepinwall and aren’t trying to break a procrastination addiction, go here. You’ll thank me.)

So…tell me. Are there any recovering procrastinators out there? How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you get yourself to do less-than-interesting tasks, and with time to spare? Have you had any luck stepping away from the web/Facebook/e-mail?

(Full disclosure: I checked both FB and e-mail, and watched part of a Top Chef episode, while writing this post. And I really, really like writing this blog, and have had this topic in mind for days!)


3 thoughts on “Why Do Today…

  1. The first step is having a daily To Do List. But make sure you always put a couple of layups on the list like put my shoes on or eat lunch. You can cross those off the list each day, and feel like you are not procrastinating. Then you wean yourself off the easy ones….in maybe a year or two.

    The blog about The Wire is a good find.

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