Check Your Neck

Today marks the beginning of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.

I know every month is an awareness month for something — or for many things — but you can be aware during September in a quick way: Check your neck.

I had never checked my neck before my cancer was diagnosed, or at least not intentionally. I found the lump in my neck doing something I’d done thousands of times before, putting on a necklace. I was lucky that I noticed it–and that it felt strange enough to me that I acted on it and made a doctor’s appointment right away.

You can always get more thyroid-related info at the ThyCa website, but all a neck check really involves is doing thorough once-over of your neck–front and sides, including the lymph nodes that run in a line down from behind your earlobes.

If you find a lump or bump that seems odd, err on the side of caution and visit your doctor. 95 percent of thyroid nodules are benign, but they’re still worth watching–and feeling.

(And that is the PSA for today. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming–after you check your neck, of course.)


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