On Your Feet

I have (yet another) confession to make.

I intended to watch Stand Up To Cancer tonight, and actually, last night to write a blog encouraging all of you to watch it, too.

Only….last night I ended up going to yoga and watching Top Chef, and tonight I made the conscious decision to eat dinner with friends over watching the telethon.

I’m a little annoyed with myself that I missed it, because I remember it being a great event two years ago, and I’m sure that I would have found a lot of value in it tonight. But I’m not disappointed that I made the tradeoff to spend time with friends, and it appears that lots of people stood up in my place, because the Stand Up to Cancer site keeps crashing every time I try to get on. (I’m linking to it here anyway, because it is a terrific organization and well worth your visit, regardless of when you read this blog. 100% of all proceeds go directly toward cancer research.)

To those who did watch, thank you on my behalf, and on behalf of my (too) many friends and family members who have fought the good fight, and continue to. One day I hope the world will know cancer as a disease that exists only in the past, and Stand Up to Cancer is a step in that direction.


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