Run For Your Life

I’ve written before about joining Cancer to 5k. This is a wonderful group, both in its concept and service, and in the actual people who comprise it. Tonight was one of those nights–after several very long days–when if I’d been on my own, I would have been riding the couch. Instead, I laced up my shoes, grabbed my water belt, and headed to the track where people were waiting for me.

My new friends pushed me tonight, to get out there to start, and to keep going when side stitches slowed me down. I’m riding the couch now, but with that workout in the books.

So with that in mind, I wanted to share a “guest post” from a fellow CT5k runner who’s running virtually with our group, from Arizona. Michelle survived colon cancer and works to help other survivors. You can read more of her story and about her work at her own blog. But for now, here’s the message she sent to our CT5k team this week. It brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart, and it gives good insight into how great this group is.


Holy cow – guess this means I’m actually running (or, jogging/walking, depending on your personal opinion of “running”) in this 5k, two years after I first attended this event. Back in 2008, I was there in my wheelchair, since I was three days out of my 10th chemo cycle. My mom and husband pushed me along the shortened route, with my kids in a wagon behind me, sporting blue and cheering everyone on. I met another woman at the original event who was also an AYA colon cancer survivor. She passed away last year, and since I was working PR for the event, I didn’t even walk it. 

This year, I get to “run” in memory of Kim, in honor of our mutual and individual fight, and in celebration of being a two-year survivor.

***I just got teary-eyed typing that…***
Wow. Just, wow. Never, ever thought I’d get here. Thanks for being here to support me, and I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with everyone else in October!


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