Go West, Young Man

My brother sets off tomorrow on a cross-country drive, bound for his new home and job in California. In some ways, his trip will be similar to the one I took more than 10 years ago, when I packed my tiny Honda Civic full of clothes and books and headed down 95 to D.C. Like Mike, I made the drive on my own and was moving somewhere kind of foreign to me, even in my own country. 

I know, though, that in a lot of ways, Mike’s move is tougher than mine was. I moved at a time when all of my friends were moving around, when finding B and building a home together was still in the future. (I also didn’t have to make a pit stop in Iowa and drive through Nebraska.) 

But for as tough as this week may be for Mike, his future wife, and the many people who love them in Massachusetts, I also know that a great life waits for him on the West Coast, for however long he chooses to stay. It will be different than the life he and J have now, but rich in ways they can’t know yet. There will be friends who become family, travel made easier by already being in California, sunny days when everyone in Boston is complaining about the cold. 

There will also be e-mail to keep in touch, and phones, and Skype, and when those aren’t enough, planes to get back home (to Boston). Then there will be return flights, when they need to get back home again (to California). Friends and family will be there in both places–and in others, when they feel like taking cross-country flights that don’t land in Boston. 

It’s going to be great. Can’t wait for Sox-Angels in Anaheim in 2011! 

Good luck, Mike!


2 thoughts on “Go West, Young Man

  1. I started to get all choked up as I was reading your words of wisdom…and then I saw the picture 🙂
    Having a tough time today…hoping it will get easier!

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