Happy Days

I started this week anxious.

As I probably mentioned a while back, there are going to be a few days every few months that are pretty nervewracking, filled with ultrasounds, blood work, and waiting. Ah, the waiting. So not my good old friend.

This week was the week of those few days of every few months.

I planned ahead this time. I know the drill by now: tests on Monday or Tuesday, hear by the end of the week; Wednesday or later and you’re waiting through the weekend. So yesterday I took a half-day and drove back to the hospital, again. It had been weeks and weeks since I was last there…and yet, it felt like I’d only been away for about a day. (And not in a good way.)

In March, the ultrasound tech (regardless of whether she should have) spilled the beans about the new nodule that hadn’t been there before, and sent me spinning. Yesterday, I was glad for another tech’s candor.

She gave me good news: The scan was clean. Nothing seen in my thyroid bed, where, as of July 13, there was a 1 cm tumor.

I left the hospital cautiously optimistic — nothing’s for sure until the radiologist reads the report, and we still needed my blood work to confirm the positive progress.

I was surprised when that call came today, less than 24 hours after I’d left the hospital. My fabulous nurse tracked me down on my cell when I didn’t answer my desk phone, and she pulled me out of a meeting to read me the report: “No evidence of thyroid tissue.” No malignancies. No benign tumors.

I’ve never been so glad to be told that I’m an empty void.

The blood work told a similar story. My thyroglobulin level (the marker of thyroid cells) was down to 2.1, from 2.3 at the end of June. We want it to get down to 0, but it’s moving in the right direction, and the radioactive iodine can keep working on it for up to a year.

For that reason, there will still be more tests to come, and I’m not sure I’ll ever drive to that hospital without my breath catching a bit. But knowing that makes today — just a few days past the six-month mark since all this craziness started again — that much sweeter. It was a very happy day, indeed.


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