(Most) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Thyca

The New York Times today (I think) posted a “Reporter’s File” on thyroid cancer — interviews with doctors (including mine!), questions for patients, important facts to know. Together, the package is a great resource.

There’s a great related blog, too — with this nugget from Dr. Michael Tuttle of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, one of the leading thyroid cancer centers in the country. This quote makes me very glad that we have good doctors out there treating thyca–and especially that they’re in the papers saying stuff like this.

Q. Thyroid cancer is commonly thought of as the best kind of cancer to have. Do you agree with that statement?
A. Dr. Tuttle responds:

The only person who has ever said that is a person who has never had thyroid cancer. I stay away from that sentence. I understand the meaning, and the meaning is that most patients with thyroid cancer do very well. But the way that gets translated to the patient is that it belittles their disease and their experience. When I lecture around the country, patient groups tell me to ask doctors never to say that.


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