Musings of the Past Week

I’m not so egotistical to think that people really want to read a list of my random thoughts. That’s why I hide people who post on Facebook about standing in line at the grocery store, and although I’m on Twitter now, I’ll never be one of those people who tweets 10x a day. But I actually really like reading unconnected musings by people like the Sports Guy and Dan Shaughnessy (which, I realize, is kind of funny, given how much the two of them dislike each other), and I’ve been thinking about a bunch of ideas this week, none of which is individually big enough to merit a whole post. So, if you’ll indulge me:

  • Twitter is actually pretty cool. I wasn’t sure how to use it a few months ago, and I still don’t know all the related etiquette, but it’s an interesting sociological experiment. Where else can I find out what’s up in the worlds of Livestrong, Katie Couric, US Weekly, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar all at once?
  • It’s in the mid-60s here today, and I really hope that this time fall is here to stay. I’m sure this makes me a total curmudgeon/someone who looks a gift horse in the mouth, but last week’s temps into the mid-80s were more than enough for me. It’s mid-October, time for Sweater Weather and homemade soup. Get with it, Mother Nature. 
  • My parents are away for the weekend with all of my mom’s sisters and brothers and their husbands and wives, staying at the house down the Cape that has been the backdrop for some of our best family memories. I think that’s awesome. I hope I’ll still be doing similar things with my brother and sister years from now.
  • I miss baseball. Even bad, injured, AA-level Red Sox baseball of 2010. I love the Pats, but they just aren’t the Sox.
  • I like running, and I’m really glad I joined my Cancer to 5k group, but I like sleeping in on Saturday mornings more. I’d love to lose that lazy tendency someday, but at this point…it’s doubtful.
  • This weekend is the Thyroid Cancer Surviors’ Association annual meeting, in Dallas. I wanted to go and learn more, and to give back to the group that has helped me so much, but I just couldn’t get it together this year. I feel guilty about that, but have to remember that there will be other, less crazy years. (Please let there be less crazy years ahead.)
  • I’m holding out until November 1 to write more about Christmas music, even though it turns out so many of you are also closet early-listening freaks. But don’t worry, once the flood gates open, I’ll be writing about my favorite songs, and albums, and traditions. Oh, and then there’s the story of Christmas Eve, 2007, which can’t be missed for its (now) dark humor. That will have to be a post all its own.
  • I don’t know how people get Ph.D’s. I’m relatively sure that seven more years of school would drive me certifiably insane. (But I have lots of respect for my friends who have made it to the other side alive!) 

And on that note, I should stop procrastinating and get back to studying for my mid-term.


One thought on “Musings of the Past Week

  1. In regard to the 3rd item on your list, do you think the wooden pepper mill made an appearance and/or any aprons were worn during the Hooley siblings weekend?? 🙂 xoxo MMW

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