Soup’s On

I was planning to write my next post on a troubling report released by the U.S. House Energy and Environmental Subcommittee yesterday about patients receiving radioactive iodine exposing other people to their radioactivity.

I am fired up about that issue, and so, so frustrated.

But that post will have to wait. Why? Because tonight marked the start of soup season in the Storybook Life house, Mother Nature and her persistent 70-degree temperatures be damned.

First up: Carrot-Ginger Soup. Oh, wait — I bought that and ate it for lunch today, so that doesn’t count.

Tonight’s offering, though? Potato-leek. I picked one of the first recipes that popped up from Google that listed ingredients I had on hand and didn’t require more than an hour of cooking (I’m looking at you, Alton Brown). I was pleasantly surprised. Potato-leek can be deathly boring, but this had a decent flavor from the bacon that started the leek saute, and the black pepper I finished the soup with. (For the record, I subbed skim milk for the heavy cream, and used my hand blender to puree the soup.)

Side note: If you make a lot of soup, get yourself a hand blender. One of the best presents I ever got, and it takes up almost no room in the cabinet! (Thank you, Secret Santa Julia.)

This batch will last a while; you may recall that the other human in the Storybook Life house has an irrational fear of onions and onion-like ingredients. Next up, though? The only recipe from my pre-2010 rounds of LID to make it through, known lovingly by me as “the orange soup.” Carrots, carrot juice, pumpkin, roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, ginger, and yup, more leeks. (Pictures to come, but guess what? It’s orange. Maybe I’ll make it in honor of a Syracuse game…though I might have to wait for a weekend when they have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.)

What soups are your favorites?


5 thoughts on “Soup’s On

  1. I’m laughing at Steph’s comment because yes, we know you don’t cook! I made a fantastic butternut squash soup on Sunday that I enjoyed for a few days and froze for a few more meals. Butternut squash, an onion, an apple, and a potato, plus a bunch of fresh thyme – let it all cook until mushy and then buzz with the immersion blender. Michele, I’m with you in that being one of the best gifts ever, right behind my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Both were from Mom and both are used and appreciated frequently! I think vegetable barley is on tap for this weekend as I have some vegetables in the fridge that are in need of attention.

  2. The other human in the Storybook Life house has it exactly right…..onions and any similar tasting food have no place on this planet and should go the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. You’re going to have to post the Orange soup receipe…it sounds delicious. Love squash soups with ginger or curry. My current favorite soup is 3 Sisters (yes, it’s been soup weather for awhile here in Encinitas) and it’s a regular at the natural foods grocery store next to where I work out, so I have it like two times a week. My brother has had my stock pot for weeks now, so only retail soup for me until I get it back.

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