School Days

A few notes about my seemingly never-ending career as a student:

I had an in-class midterm tonight. It was the first in-class, closed book exam that my professor had given to graduate students, and the first one I’ve had to take (other than statistics) since, um, 1999. And it was worth 40 percent of my grade for the semester. Yeah, that combination had success written all over it. (No sarcasm there. Suuurrre.)

Yup, I bombed. And not in a “I think I did badly on this test but I actually got a 95” way. After the exam, I counted no fewer than six questions I got wrong — and those were just the ones I could remember. But I’m not actually all that bothered by it. Why?

  • Well, everyone else bombed too. (Were we really supposed to be able to recall lists of facts from the books we’ve read?) So there’s hope for a scale…
  • I register for my last two classes next Tuesday, one of which is going to be “Media and Politics.” If I can’t do OK in that one, I should probably rethink this career choice.
  • My long national nightmare is over: I finally finished my last paper for my spring course yesterday! I dodged the F by five whole days. So now I really only have these two classes, and next spring, to go.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s finally time to buy a George Mason t-shirt or something? I’m clearly so full of school spirit.


One thought on “School Days

  1. I really can’t imagine you bombing anything so I’ll have to see the grade to believe it. Either way, screw it, woo hoo, that class is over!!

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