Work Less, Live More

Something to tide you over while I scan through my 227 Christmas songs to develop my essential, top 10 list…

I’ve written a fair amount in the last few months about the lessons I’ve learned from thyca, round II. It was a painful whack upside the head that I never, EVER want to repeat, but I am so thankful that it came when it did. I was headed down an unhealthy path — one filled with too much work and too little of pretty much everything else — but this year has helped me right my course. (Though I will readily admit that thanks to school, I’ve been AWOL to many of the people who matter most in recent weeks and months, and I hate that. Six more months until graduation, six more months until graduation….)

Anyway, I had a long talk with a wise friend about these life lessons today, so it was timely that I found this essay on the Washington Post site tonight: “Work Less and Focus More on What Matters to You.” I’ve learned a lot of the lessons from this year by watching many of you who read this blog in action, so I know a lot of you are already in tune with what she says, but it’s a worthwhile read nonetheless.

(Come prepared with your holiday drink of choice to the blog next time, where we’ll discuss the finer points of the Muppets vs Charlie Brown Christmas albums.)


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