Cancer, Cancer Going Away…

…and really don’t come back some other day.

My doctor changed my Synthroid dose last month, so that meant more blood work four weeks later to check how well my dose is calibrated.

That test was last week, and my nurse called with good news today: My Thyroglobulin level (the blood marker that tracks thyroid activity–of which I should have none) dropped again, from 2.1 to 1.5! That’s two months of dropping Tg levels — exactly what the doctors want to see. The overall goal is to get down to 0, but the trend is really what they’re more concerned with — and my trend looks good. (And now that we have two months of test results, it’s an actual trend.)

Even better? They have to change up my Synthroid dose again, so that means I’ll get another look at my Tg level a month from now.

I never thought I’d be happy to have blood taken. How perspective changes…


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