Caffeinated Wisdom

I’ve never been one to look for deep messages in tea leaves, or coffee grounds. But I really like the positive messages that Caribou Coffee decorates its shops — and coffee cups — with, and I actually grabbed extra napkins from one of Caribou’s shops last week when I saw what was written on them:

Life’s too short for:


Fake anything

Putting profits before people

Over-roasted coffee (ok, they have to pimp their own product, I guess)

Waiting for change to happen

Crabby people

The last two spoke so directly to me — and to some specific challenges I’ve been having — that I actually tacked one up over my desk, and I’m using another one as my bookmark. Can’t hurt to keep reminding myself of this good message, I don’t think.

I started thinking about what else I’d add to the list, though. So far I’ve come up with the fact that life’s also too short to

  • Feel guilty about watching trashy TV instead of important news
  • Keep reading a book that doesn’t move you, whether to tears or laughter
  • Leave your camera at home
  • Let vacation days go unused

Obviously there are lots of others. What would you add to the list?


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