I Love the Boob Tube

I probably shouldn’t love TV as much as I do.

I should probably spend more time reading a wider range of books, or the pile of magazines that seems to accumulate on my coffee table. (Those piles make terrific landing spots for TV and DVD clickers, it turns out.) I could spend more time at night cooking (using all those cookbooks that also pile up), going to the gym, maybe doing some homework…

But that’s just not me. I used to feel inferior to my friends who don’t own TVs, or don’t watch the ones they do have all that often. The truth is, I cook dinner often enough, we bought a treadmill for our house for a reason (only part of which was so we could watch TV while we run), and when push comes to shove, the schoolwork gets done. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s OK to veg out every once in a while in front of a House Hunters marathon, or a few episodes of a random season of Top Chef, or, even – gasp! – the Real Housewives of Whatever City Isn’t Atlanta.

(When I started reading, I used to read the TV Guide. Obviously I was destined to love TV.)

Right now, I’m giddy on Wednesdays — Friday Night Lights and Top Chef All-Stars both on one night! I actually avoided taking Wednesday classes for the semester that starts later in January to make sure I could see that back-to-back combo. (Yes, we have Tivo, and no, I’m not interested in missing those shows in real time.)

I’m in firm denial that FNL is going to end in February, in much the same way that I dreaded the last episodes of The Wire. Don’t worry about me, though: I still have all three seasons of Arrested Development to watch, Sports Night is waiting in my Netflix queue, and my brother swears that Party Down is just right for my warped sense of humor.

What I may do first, though — just as soon as that schoolwork is done — is go back and watch my favorite episodes (seasons, really) of my most favorite shows. I’ve already blown through all of Thirtysomething on Netflix, so I can check that off. (Really. I loved that show in high school. I was a weird kid, what can I say? Now I can’t believe that the characters were supposed to be my age.)

If you’re interested, for my money, you can’t get better than these:

  • The Wire, season three. Avon and Stringer’s feud comes to a head, lots of Prop Joe, Hamsterdam. (If you haven’t watched The Wire, you must have been doing such productive things as cooking dinner. Start at season one, but make your way rapidly to season three. Just remember that you need to leave yourself sufficient time as you approach the eighth episode of every season — you WILL end up watching the last four episodes of every season in one night.)
  • Friday Night Lights, season one. Texas high school football, the realistic portrayal of a healthy marriage, pretty people, good writing, good music. Kyle Chandler (Coach) and Connie Britton (Tami/Mrs. Coach) have been robbed by the stupid Emmy voters.
  • The West Wing, season two. “Two Cathedrals,” the last episode of that season, may be my favorite hour of TV ever. And given my track record I described above, that’s compared to a lot of TV.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, season three. Three words: Krazee-Eyes Killa. I could hear B laughing from the front door of our building, three floors down. Larry David might not be for everyone…but I’m really not sure why.

And with that, it’s time to watch the last Top Chef episode, which I must admit I slept through, before getting ready for Coach and Mrs. Coach at 9. Ah, Wednesdays.


2 thoughts on “I Love the Boob Tube

  1. What, no Sons of Anarchy?? At least seasons 1-2 (season 3…iffy). I simply can’t wait until Archer and Justified are on again (v.v. soon). Guess I’m an Fx kind of girl.

    By the way, except for West Wing, I have never seen a single episode of any of the tv shows you wrote about. Yep, not one.. And we’re still friends…weird..

  2. Definitely watch Arrested Development—so so funny. It is warped and hilarious. You can’t beat a show featuring a self-proclaimed “anal rapist.”

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