Chatty Reflections

I mentioned a few weeks back about my deep and undying love for and addiction to Carolyn Hax’s online chats. Almost every Friday, Carolyn’s good for some humor and insight, but I found this passage, from her May 14, 2010, chat particularly relevant:

You now know that the bottom can fall out of your world, and you can catch yourself, hang on for dear life, and eventually find a new place to stand. That’s powerful stuff–a much better source of strength, confidence and optimism, in my opinion, than ignorance of terrible things.

When I read that day’s chat, I was only in the middle of the bottom falling out, and was hopeful that the rest would come true. I’m glad to say that it has — or at least that the process is underway. (Still working on the confidence and optimism part, but that’s what the rest of this year is for.)


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