I Miss You, Too

I know I’m doing a crap job right now of staying in touch with people, of keeping up on the details of your daily lives, both big and small. Emails and phone messages have gone unanswered, dinner dates rescheduled.

I hate it.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is a temporary phase. (More commonly known as a semester.) This too, shall pass, and then I’ll be back burning up minutes on the phone, writing manifestos by e-mail, and glad to linger over appetizers, entrees and desserts.

You’re all cutting me a lot more slack right now than I’m giving myself. I really appreciate that, and I’m trying to follow your lead.

I will be back, I promise. (Mark your calendars — my last paper gets turned in on May 9!) Until then, during periods of radio silence that I hope won’t be too long, just know that I miss you, too.

Oh, and that I will never — ever — enroll in a Ph.D program. Yikes!


4 thoughts on “I Miss You, Too

  1. Take it easy on yourself girl!!! You are an awesome friend to those who know and love you. It was great to see you and B. this weekend. Tak Care.

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