Feeling Grateful for….in February

Well, the blog’s been pretty quiet lately. Rest assured, I haven’t. (Am I, ever?) I blinked and February was over, though that may have been due to three (four?) trips, mostly Thursdays-Saturdays or Sundays, which left me with just one night (Wednesdays) during each of those weeks to read finance textbooks/work out/catch up on some calls/sit in the same room with B. Oh, and the last two episodes of Friday Night Lights was on for two of those Wednesdays.

And that’s all I’ll say about that, because I’m still in mourning about the loss of my second-favorite show ever. I may have to start a Melissa Leo-esque campaign for Coach and Mrs. Coach to win their much-deserved Emmys this year.

But this entry isn’t meant to focus on the negative in February. I have been trying to keep up with my gratitude journaling…even when some nights the best thing I can come up with is getting the last spot in our lot after class. (That shows up more than a few times in the February entries.)

February 6: Dinner at Jaleo with Elizabeth and John (college friends I hadn’t seen in eight years) – so good to catch up

February 6: RED highlights! (Yes, the highlights were red. As in, my hairdresser said, “I can fix this if you don’t like it…” But I did. I’m kinda bummed that they’ve faded.)

February 9: Alan Sepinwall’s farewell to Friday Night Lights blog post

February 15: Westminster Dog Show commercials

February 16: Left work on time — even with people still sitting in my office

February 21: Two-day week!

February 28: Liam (B’s brother’s son) born this morning!

Pretty nice going out of February as an auntie.


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