Curly Girl

You always want what you don’t have.

In my case, that’s always been straight hair, free of frizz. I’ve spent years and who knows how much money on defrizzing and straightening hair products, flat irons, so-called special brushes, and hairdressers.

I love, LOVE my hair when it’s straight. But I rarely have the time and energy to straighten it, and once the temperature hits 70, it’s pointless anyway.

So I’ve long been intrigued by chemical straightening — first the Japanese process, and now the newer (and supposedly less harsh) Brazilian version. I’ve envied friends who have taken the leap, and I’ve considered jumping myself in recent months as Groupons have popped up at big discounts.

What’s stopped me, honestly?

The rule that you wash your hair or pull it back for several days — as many as four, by some accounts! — without getting a permanent line in your hair. I spend a lot of time and money on my hair, but I’m not yet willing to take a day off of work to let it sit and get greasy and gross.

But I’ve just read an article that stopped me short. The National Cancer Institute has classified the chemicals used in hair straightening as carcinogenic, and OSHA says they are dangerous for both hairdressers and customers.

Ack. There are enough dangers out there that I can’t control. All of a sudden, not being able to control my curls seems a lot less problematic.

Guess I’ll be sticking with my Bozo the Clown hair for a while longer.


3 thoughts on “Curly Girl

  1. reason #2 not to do that: I just heard a story that pulling your hair back tight causes permanent hair loss on the top of your head. That’s not too good either.

  2. Brazilian Blowout has formaldehyde (thank you, predictive text for spelling that for me) but my Aveda salon has Coppola Keratin treatment which is formaldehyde-free, but still has the 72 hours of no ponytails. I did the Brazilian Blowout last year and really liked it. But, it’s not something I am comfortable putting into my regimen. Oh, and the cost.

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