Ciao, Bella

Remember how in my last post I talked about all the things I want to do when school is over?

In addition to forgetting to add the newest Sweet Valley High book to my reading list, I forgot to add “Italy” to my travel plans. But now I can!

B and I have been thinking about a trip to Italy for, oh, five years now, but the timing’s never worked out. We’d decided long ago that we didn’t want to go when we couldn’t take a good chunk of time off — who knows when we’ll get back? — and school and everything else life kept throwing at us kept getting in the way.

But now it looks like we’ll have a window this fall, and we’re jumping through it before it can close on us. So we booked tickets today for 12 days in Italy in October. Itinerary to be decided, but it probably involves Rome, Florence, and Venice, and undoubtedly lots of pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato.

I only have six months to brush up on my Italian — more of which I’ve learned listening to my grandparents argue than in the two semesters I took in college — and stalk Trip Advisor. I’d better get started.

Just as soon as I (start and) finish that 25-page paper on the state of statehouse journalism, that is.


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