Feeling Grateful….the “I’m Melting and It’s Only May” Edition

Right now, as I sit in my third-floor, 82.5 degree condo, I am grateful that I grew up in a house without air conditioning.

While we technically have air conditioning, it seems not to be working at tip-top shape today, the second consecutive day of 100-plus degree heat indexes here in D.C.

This doesn’t bode well for the summer, which doesn’t actually start for another 20 days. Last year, we had 69 days where the temps climbed above 90. I didn’t count how many days it hit 90 in our living room.

Hence, I’m glad to have grown up without air conditioning. My parents have broken down now and bought window units, but when we were little, we had fans, popsicles, and when it got really hot, cool sheets on the couch. Tonight is definitely going to be a cool sheet kind of night.

Other than the current reminder of global warming, the last month’s been pretty sweet:

  • Freedom. No more classes. No more tuition. No more trolling for parking at 10:30 on Monday nights.
  • Guilt-free consumption of Bravo and HGTV marathons.
  • Bought and read Two Kisses for Maddy, a book I’d been waiting for for a long time and which I’d put off buying until the classes/tuition/parking headaches were over.
  • A trip home to celebrate Julia’s shower and to see Liam, who may be bigger than me by the end of the summer.
  • The Red Sox finally woke up and realized that the games they’re playing actually count.
  • I managed not to make a total fool out of myself during my first pilates reformer class. At least I don’t *think* I did.
  • A fantastic Larry Bird Birthday weekend, complete with gorillas, elephants, and pandas at the zoo, beers at the dive bar across the street from the guy hocking panda stuff, a fancy drink overlooking the airport, big cupcakes from the best bakery around, trick candles, grilled cheeses and Belgian beers at the party celebrating a great friend’s Larry Bird Birthday +7, a juicer with which I’m apparently supposed to make garlic juice, bottomless mimosas at brunch, laughs – lots of laughs – and love. Lots of love.

One thought on “Feeling Grateful….the “I’m Melting and It’s Only May” Edition

  1. I smiled reading this because my memories of childhood summers are about box fans, cotton nightgowns, and cool, crisp sheets. It was a luxury when my parents put in ceiling fans and an attic fan when I was in high school, and just before they sold the house, they finally put in central air. The kids who live in that house now have no idea how good they have it!

    And you are not kidding (and neither is that restaurant) about the bottomless mimosas. Such a fun brunch and something we should do more often!

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