When I’m 64….I’ll Probably Still Think I’m 20

Dawson’s Creek, Season 1, Disc 1 arrived in the mail yesterday, and I was probably a little too excited to rip it out of that red envelope and push play. Four episodes down, lots more adolescent angst and overwrought dialogue to go.

A few random thoughts upon my flashback to January 2008, watching this in the dorm rooms of Haven Hall:

  1. How is it that James Van Der Beek ended up as the least successful of these four? Michelle Williams is an indie movie star (even as depressing as Blue Valentine was) and Heath Ledger ex; Joshua Jackson has been in at least a couple of TV shows, including Fringe, which seems to have stuck around a while, and is going out with Diane Kruger so ends up in Us Weekly every so often; and Katie Holmes…well, what is there to say about Katie Holmes? I’d like her better if she’d ended up with Chris Klein, but at least she kept the crooked grin and seems after a bunch of years to have realized that being a kept woman by Tom Cruise wasn’t all that much fun and has found her way back to work. Anyway, also not sure what it says that I follow James Van Der Beek on Twitter.
  2. The soundtrack to the first four episodes = trip in the way-back machine. All of a sudden, I was back in house parties listening to “Tub-Thumping.” We were wondering how the producers managed to get this out on DVD with all the music it has in it, and then I realized — they must have gotten all the licenses they needed when they made the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack CDs. I think this was actually the first show to do the “for music you heard on tonight’s show” thing at the end. It seems like that line has been around at the end of shows forever (which I guess it kind of has been), only it used to be “go to Strawberries” or something like that, and not “visit iTunes.”
  3. On that note…”I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over…” What ever happened to Paula Cole after this show made her a hit? Or is she just living off the residuals from this show forever?
  4. The show was supposed to be set in the fictional Cape town of Capeside, yet no one ever wore jackets and Dawson was wearing a Yankees cap in the pilot. These are things I would have noticed (and docked the show credit for) if I wasn’t so caught up in the soap opera happening along the creek.
  5. This show used to be a walking ad for J.Crew. That was back when high school and college students could actually afford J.Crew clothes. I remember this. I bought a giant, oversized gray sweater with red stripes for $15 at the J.Crew factory store in Syracuse. Now? I think J.Crew might actually charge a $15 cover just to get in the store.
  6. These people don’t look like they’ve aged much (judging by my dedicated Us Weekly reading). Then again, I don’t feel like I’ve aged either, despite the fact that I’m definitely 14 years older than I was when this show first aired, and that I now use the money that used to go toward shakes at the snack bar and beers at the Marshall Street bars on hair dye. Last weekend, B’s mom saw a picture of us that was taken almost 10 years ago, and her comment: “Wow, the two of you were babies there!” And I guess we probably were…but I don’t feel like I’m almost 10 years older than I was when we met, and I sure don’t feel like so many years have passed since those nights in Haven Hall. I love getting older — especially no longer being mistaken for the intern — but I don’t actually feel older. That’s everyone, though, right? (At least the last part?)
Yup, I just wrote 600 words about Dawson’s Creek. I believe I warned you a while back that I love the boob tube.

4 thoughts on “When I’m 64….I’ll Probably Still Think I’m 20

  1. I think you mean 1998! I have the soundtrack if you want to burn it. I remember listening to it on repeat the summer before 9th grade when I had mono.

    • Yup – it was definitely 1998! I’d originally had 1997 and changed the date but forgot to change the calculation. So it was only THIRTEEN years ago! Wow, I just picked up an extra year. 🙂

  2. I don’t feel older either, although I have noticed that I’m not getting carded as often. I did feel great the other night when the early 20 something barback was shocked when I said I had been out of college for 12 years. He thought I was closer to his age. Woohoo!

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