Feeling Grateful…the Summertime Edition

And…we’re halfway through 2011. Where is the time going this year? It seems like just yesterday we were listening to tall tales of 10-foot deep snow piles in Boston. I think the snow mounds have almost melted in Massachusetts, where apparently 60-degree temps have finally given way to something closer to summer. We’ve hit something like 17 days over 90 in D.C., but I’ll take this summer over last year’s sauna any day.

June was a fun month with some actual down time. It’s about time for that! Without further ado, a few things I was grateful for in this somewhat lazy last month:

  • TV. Yes, I spent a lot of hours watching Dawson’s Creek, Modern Family and Party Down (which my brother had insisted for the last year would be a good match for our senses of humor, and yup, he’s right). Maybe not the highest-brow entertainment, but how can you go wrong with a combo of cheese, sarcasm, and straight-up twisted humor? July promises more of the same, with the return of Weeds and Curb Your Enthusiasm – finally.
  • Reading. Loving my return to my bookworm roots! This month I read about the best advice Katie Couric’s ever gotten, how to build a four-hour workweek (yeah, haven’t been able to make that happen so far), how to be more productive (the principles of which I immediately applied to watching 12 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, above), and, for the third time, “Eat, Pray, Love.” And seeing what my friends are reading on Goodreads is adding to my “to-read” list everyday. Strange that I haven’t seen anyone else there with “Sweet Valley Confidential” on their lists, though.
  • Pool time! The sun is hot, and the pools are open. Perfect time for reading! No tan, but that’s just fine by me and my high-SPF, zinc sunblock. Even better: Erin found me a noodle for floating time. Now I don’t have to try to steal one from the kids down the street.
  • Happy friends and family. May was pretty great, but June was even better for those closest to us. The month started with a bang in Girls Weekend, followed by Liam’s christening (yes, seriously, I’m the godmother), my grandparents’ 60th anniversary, the one-month countdown to Mike and Julia’s wedding, a clean bill of health at Clar’s semi-annual geriatric vet visit, and the exciting news of a good friend’s engagement (followed by immediate and intense wedding planning, which I count as one of my best skills).
  • A June free of the low-iodine diet. More to come soon on my reflections a year after RAI, part II, but as mid-June arrived, I was tremendously grateful to have cheese, milk, and seafood in the house.
Happy summer, everyone!

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