Sunday Blues

A friend’s post on Facebook a few weeks ago: “I would like Sunday nights so much better if they did not quickly turn into Monday mornings.”

Yup. In my ideal world, I’d have one of those jobs with a compressed work week, where you get every or every other Friday off — except I’d take Mondays off, instead.

That change would undoubtedly make for a much happier Storybook Life house on Sundays. Almost without fail, by late Sunday afternoon, I can feel my energy draining away and my crabbiness level creeping up. I start to think about everything I didn’t get done over the weekend…and what’s waiting for me in the office on Monday morning. On too many Sundays, it’s tough for me fall — and then stay — asleep.

I don’t think I’m alone in this pattern. Even people who really love their jobs get bummed out on Sundays, right? So what do people do to fend off the Sunday blues? I go to my favorite yoga class on most Sundays, and I’ve had a great string of good TV to look forward to on Sunday nights – Treme finished last week, and Curb starts back up tonight.

And yet…still the blues. Any other ideas? Routines that keep the mood light as the weekend winds down? Feel free to offer up any ideas that bring a restful night’s sleep into Monday morning.

In the meantime, I’ll go watch a new and assuredly inappropriate episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m sure Larry David and Susie Essman’s curses will be able to lull me to sleep.


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