Wherever You Go, There You Are

I’ve written before about my homesickness for Boston. It’s a feeling that gets rustled up most anytime I spend more than a day at home, and in particular when I’ve been home for a stretch and/or for something sentimental/family related.

Last week I was home for nine days for my brother’s wedding and to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary. On top of all the nuclear family togetherness, I also managed to sneak in visits with our nephew, with my cousin and her daughter, and good friends.

Coming back? Yeah, not so easy. So I spent Monday and Tuesday daydreaming about our Italian vacation, which will start and end in Boston. Then I got annoyed that I have to work for another 2.5 months before getting back to Boston OR to Italy.

Then I went to yoga last night. As in every class, the teacher directed us to set an intention for ourselves, for the class. Usually my intentions are things like, “Stop letting work get to me,” or “Relax,” or “Just get to Friday at 5 p.m.”

Last night, I realized I had an opportunity to reset my sadness at leaving Boston behind and my excitement to fast forward to October. I decided to set an intention to “Be present.” When work crept into my mind during a balancing pose, or I thought of Boston during the meditation, I went back to “be present.” Stay here, in the moment, in D.C.

Unlike with past classes, I’m trying to extend this intention beyond the walls of the yoga studio. I know it’s an important lesson for me. We’re not leaving D.C. any time soon, so I need to remind myself of all the many positives to being here (and there are lots of them, including the modern-day blessing of central air conditioning). My gratitude journal has been an exercise in fighting my nature to always be moving on to the next thing without taking a minute to appreciate small successes and happy moments, but the intention “be present” is a good way to double up on that effort.

Plus, if I keep that intention going during non-yoga times, I can get back to reminding myself not to think about work during class.


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