One Hot Mamacita

Please, make it stop.

I am crying a fiery, hot, sticky, sweaty UNCLE here.

I know people talk about the weather too much, but this is ridiculous. Please excuse this blog post, but what else can I write when I’m melting?

How on Earth this summer is hotter than last year is beyond me, but it’s true. I am a crazy stalker of the Capital Weather Gang, the Washington Post’s weather blog. Just a few stats to entertain you:

  1. It hit 98 in D.C. today. That was positively chilly compared to recent days of 100+.
  2. Today was our 16th straight day over 90, and sixth straight over 95.
  3. Friday was the fifth-hottest day in D.C. As in EVER. Since they started keeping track in 1415, or whenever. I might as well have been wearing a towel and sitting on a cedar plank walking out of the office as I was clearly in a sauna.
  4. I long ago resigned myself to the fact that I got the Hooley sweating gene, but I don’t think I can count the number of times this summer I’ve said I’m lucky to already be married. No chance a guy is picking me up with my sticky skin, frizzy hair, and humidity-swollen sausage fingers.
These are days when the ice cream truck should be ordered to drive around and pass out free creamsicles as a public duty.
We had a debate today at work whether hot or cold is better. My hands turn BLUE in the cold and I still voted for below-freezing temps. Seriously, are there people who would opt for sidewalks hot enough to fry eggs?
Bring on sweater weather.

2 thoughts on “One Hot Mamacita

  1. Sorry to hear you guys are melting down there. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day. At least you can play golf in the heat.

  2. Good news that you have finally found the climate (something like the surface of Venus) that doesn’t let your fingers get numb anymore.

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