On the Road Again

I laced up my sneakers yesterday morning and rejoined my Cancer to 5K running group on the trail I ran so many Saturday mornings last year.

I’d been excited to get back to the group for a few reasons: 1) since I took the spring season off because of school, it confirmed once again that school is OVER; 2) I loved the people in the group; 3) I really needed a reason to get my butt up off the couch and into my sneakers at least twice a week.

But I’d forgotten the reason that CT5K meant so much to me last year: It’s a little bit like a support group, wrapped up in running shoes, wicking socks, and water bottles. It’s a place where talk of past treatments and recurrences and upcoming doctor’s appointments – and all the anxiety that those events bring – fits in easily with discussion of running pace and whether running barefoot makes any sense (for the record, I don’t get the phenomenon).

It’s a place where people just get it, and that’s a nice plus beyond the friendships that I’m glad to be rekindling and the sweat that I really need to break. I’m glad to be back.


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