My Glamorous Life, Captured on Film

OK, it’s not exactly my life. (Nor is my life at all glamorous. Small details.) I am excited, though, that a movie is being released about a young adult’s battle with cancer.

The trailer promises laughs and tears. And from what I can tell — and by that I mean from a couple of short articles and the trailerĀ — 50/50 isn’t looking to sugarcoat the experience. Sure, the main character’s therapist is played by my younger and cuter doppelganger Anna Kendrick (ha), and Seth Rogen is his sidekick. But he gets sick. He shaves his head. He gets pissed off, and sad, and he doesn’t want to deal.

The reviews may be great, just so-so, or terrible. Maybe the movie will be terrible, or maybe it will be spot on, but some of the reviewers won’t know that, because there’s too much “inside cancer baseball.” None of that will matter to me. I’ll be there. I love that a studio made this movie, and that people with money were willing to back it.

I’m pretty sure of a couple of things. I’ll probably cry. I hope I’ll laugh, whether the humor is broad or of the dark cancer variety. (With my warped sense of humor, I kind of hope that there will be some of both.)

Leading up to the movie’s release, though, what I’m wondering most about is how realistically it will deal with the friendship between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, and the relationships between Gordon-Levitt and his family. There’s no road map for navigating your cancer with the people who are closest to you, and for me, at least, there was plenty of trial and error. (This blog became one of the more successful trials.) I was lucky to have patient friends and family who were willing to talk cancer when I needed to, and football, celebrity gossip and politics when I didn’t.

If 50/50 can get that right, give me a reason for a few laughs and even some sniffles, and justify a large box of Junior Mints in the middle of the day, I’ll give it two thumbs (and maybe one missing thyroid) up.

3 thoughts on “My Glamorous Life, Captured on Film

  1. Dear MMV, I will be on the lookout for this moving in my area and happily wear my DFWM’s in your honor — oh and I will have some Junior Mints, too! Love you, MMW

    • By this, I’m assuming you’re referring (like everyone in my family) to the keyboard-pounding, fast-walking, hair-pulled-back version of me that she played in Up in the Air….

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