Opting Out

I wrote a few months back about my frustration with the new airport x-ray machine/full-body scanners. I’ve been fortunate to be able to duck out of lanes using the scanners in U.S. airports since then — and didn’t even have to try in Canada, Italy and Germany last month, as most international airports don’t use them due to the radiation safety concerns — but according to this article from ProPublica, my bobbing and weaving days are numbered: all lanes are scheduled to have the scanners by the end of 2014.

The article is a long look at the scientific information about the safety of the machines, and the associated controversies. It’s good and worth the read. Obviously, everyone’s comfort level is different, but me? I’m skeeved out by the government’s appearing acceptance that some of these machines (the backscatter variety) may contribute to greater cancer risks — and that it hasn’t done studies to help answer the many questions that are still “floating around” out there (pun intended).

Until there are more answers, and probably even then, I’m still opting out. Bring on the grumpy TSA pat-down crew.


One thought on “Opting Out

  1. You would think there would be warnings for people going through these machines so they know what they are being exposed to. It ticks me off that had you not sent this info out I’d be none the wiser about these machines. I feel like I have the right to know (and choose) whether to expose myself and my kids to these machines (and radiation). Thanks Michele for educating me! ;0

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