Feeling Grateful for…the End of Daylight Savings (Seriously.)

Am I the only person not upset by the end of Daylight Savings Time? The return to standard time has always given me a little thrill. Beyond picking up an extra hour of sleep, it pretty much guarantees that sweater weather is here, and to me, that cool, crisp air is more than enough to compensate for the earlier darkness. Plus, if it’s not dark by the time you get home a few weeks from now, how else can you justify turning the Christmas lights on, the house lights off, and enjoying a glass of wine while listening to the Muppets’ Christmas Album? (Yes, I said the C-word, and yes, I already started listening to Christmas music. Need I remind you that it SNOWED here last weekend?)

(This also means that I won’t have to stand in the street to get my bus to see me in the morning — for a couple of weeks, at least. It’s been kind of a crap shoot over the last couple of weeks — hoping the bus driver sees me in the morning darkness, but doesn’t hit me. Good times.)

It’s been a while since I’ve written down a few things for which I’m grateful, but what better day than one on which I both got extra sleep AND ran a race?

  • Two races in two weeks has renewed my enthusiasm for running. My excitement for it can come and go, but I always have a good time at a race. Today, I saw a family — mom, dad, and two little girls — running our 5k. That was awesome and inspiring, to see the whole family having a good time running. I hope B and I will be able to do that someday, too.
  • Today’s race was also the end-of-season Cancer to 5K race. What a group.
  • It’s my fourth cancerversary month, and yesterday, we finally went to see 50/50. As I expected, I laughed and I cried (the only thing that kept me from sobbing in one part was the fact that I was in a public movie theater and didn’t want to snort while sniffling), and I think I can say that the movie was worth the $23 (!) we paid for two matinee tickets. (Really.) Added bonus: the last song in the movie was “Yellow LedBetter,” a totally underrated Pearl Jam song.
  • Speaking of Pearl Jam, YES to Cameron Crowe’s documentary celebrating the last 20 (!) years of Pearl Jam’s history. So awesome that the first song Eddie Vedder recorded for the band was “Footsteps,” my favorite Pearl Jam song ever.

I listened to the tape of "Ten" so many times that I wore it out and finally had to upgrade to the CD. Yeah, it was 1992.

  • 18 days to go until Thanksgiving – another road race, and then an excuse for pumpkin-flavored desserts at the O’Wrightsons’!
(ps. I started writing this before today’s Patriots game. Obviously, I’m not grateful for the Pats’ defense. Afternoons like that are the best reason for keeping track of things I’m grateful for!)

4 thoughts on “Feeling Grateful for…the End of Daylight Savings (Seriously.)

  1. Here through Mel’s wish post. Wishing you cancerversaries – one after the other after the other….. and to be with full arms taking care of your beautiful healthy amazing baby by the end of 2012! And to move closer to family đŸ™‚

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