Happy New Year!

Last year, I spent this post reflecting back on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. I could not have been happier to leave 2010 in the rear view mirror, and I was determined that 2011 would be better.

(It would have been tough for it to be worse, but you know what I mean.)

I am very, VERY happy to say that as I look back on 2011, I can safely say that I met my goal. A few reasons why 2011 towered over the year that shall not be repeated:

New babies, who made me an aunt and babysitter on call:

This little guy is now half my height, at 10 months old.

Glad to have another DC-based Boston fan join us!

And one new one who’s so freshly out of the oven that I don’t even have a picture of him yet.

An old dog, who still makes me happy we went to Petsmart that day in 2003:

Everyone loves Vince Wilfork.

Great trips spent with an even better traveling partner:

Wine tasting in a cave in Sonoma...

Spring training baseball in the warm Florida sun....

...and visits with Mickey, Minnie and Donald in Disney...

And vino, gelato, pizza, long walks, and great sunsets in Italy.


Graduation celebrated with a trip to the zoo...and a summer spent sitting around like this guy.

A wedding filled with heat records, a packed dance floor, and a very smiley bride and groom:

Lots of trips home and time spent with family and friends

I guess I could have pictures of our plane tickets and EZ Pass receipts here, but here’s one representative shot:

And, last but certainly not least, good health, good health, good health.

Those last two are really what separate the good years and the bad, aren’t they? That the people you love most are happy and healthy, and there to laugh with you at a good joke, give you a hug on a down day, and raise a glass in celebration — that’s the recipe for a good year. I’m so thankful to say that my 2011 was all of that, and a lot more.

May 2012 bring us all much health and happiness, and great people to spend the days, weeks, and months with. Happy New Year!


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